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Integrated PM is more than just combining Projects, Programs, and Portfolio practices into a single package. Integrated PM is about applying systems thinking and management science to a set of disciplines, including Portfolios, Programs, Products, and Projects, along with other disciplines as one holistic system within a single measure framework for project performance improvement.

Our open community provides Integrated PM asset sharing, training, and collaboration as part of the Integrated PM Community of Practice. Members work together and help each other grow and become more proficient within this practice. They conduct academic and applied research to development new Integrated PM methods. e-Learning courses, process training, skills-mentoring, performance coaching, and our consulting services help organizations improve project performance today, using Integrated PM methods.

Next-gen project based e-Learning experiences for enterprises, businesses, adults, families and children.

The Innovation insight from others, or “spark”, helps ignite passion, overcome hurdles, and brings innovation to your performance quicker.

GrandView is an Open-Innovation Market Place, where members build, buy, and sell information assets used in product and service innovation.

Community members help each other participate in the community while experiencing performance improvements.