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"Integrated PM is a systemic integration of Knowledge Curation and Business Operations. This consistently delivers more-using-less."

The DNA of Enterprise Performance

Business Operations- "Activities involved in the day-to-day functions of the business conducted for the purpose of generating profits.” 
Knowledge Curation- "The gathering, care, and feeding of an organization’s critical knowledge.”
Integrated PM- "Integrating Knowledge Curation and Business Operations to maximize project value."

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"Business wisdom accumulates when everyday activities and decisions are driven by curated knowledge."

Business Operations

  • Workflow and procedure implementation
  • Implement continuous improvement
  • Training and guidance
  • Key Performance metric analysis
  • Project Budget synchronization
  • Planning strategic and departmental processes
  • Capital project oversight
  • Client statisfaction
  • Roadmap definition

Integrated PM

  • Continuous Improvement using our Performance Measure Framework
  • Holistic Information Synthesis for project decision support and project change impact analysis across enterprise
  • System flow automation, analysis, transformation, and integration between disparate project data-sets
  • Governance for policy, execution standards, budgets, and thresholds
  • Integrated PM Community for collaboration, experimentation, asset sharing & learning
  • Consulting providing implementation, training, mentoring, and coaching for Integrated PM.

Knowledge Curation

  • Gathering and Integrating Project Datasets
  • Filtering, sorting, and slicing data
  • Hypercube and relationship development
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Security of Information
  • Visualization & Analytics
  • AI with Cortana or Watson
  • Data Augmentation procedures
  • Machine Learning
“With pmNERDS’ Integrated PM, you don’t have to compete against Fortune 100 companies unarmed. You can benefit from Knowledge Curation, (once reserved for those who could afford it) in context of your Business Operations- using a competitively priced package which includes our community, technology, and services,
“We transform the thousands of data points from the multiple disciplines impacting project operations, using state of the art data techniques, automated curation practices, and PM business rules. This collective knowledge is used to support initiative decisions, change impact analysis, and continuous improvement.”
“With our CPI Performance Measure Framework™, you can plug-and-play new practices needed to break the performance constraints and monitor performance data. Our service structure feeds into this framework with the Fast-Service™, followed by the Process-Service™, and finished off with our Performance-Service™.”