The pmNERDS’ Center of Excellence is an open community, designed to support collaboration, asset sharing, and learning in support of Integrated PM.  Our activities include the identification of best-practices, up-skill employees, upgrade assets, and install new technology within the improvement constraints of finance, bandwidth, capability, and actual capacity. Our approach integrates as much as possible into one simple step at a time.

Here conversation is king! Once logged in, provide a user name, complete your community profile, and begin participating with people from around the World. Welcome to the Integrated PM Center of Excellence.

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Plugged-In Learning delivers next-gen learning experiences to businesses, adults, and families. Our members teach all things Integrated PM, and using Project Based Learning (PBL) to teach it, just about any topic is valid.

In these eLearning courses, you are plugged-in to instructors and participants from around the World. Anywhere with web access you can plug into relevant project activities, resources, and coaching.

New courses are being added all the time, if not there now, look back later, or request a course.

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The Innovation Spark provides insight. Here you see how others have applied Plugged-In Learning experiences. 

The Innovation Spark e-Magazine, Straight Talk forum, Project Case Studies, Blog posts, and R&D Journal prepare you for your end goal, when the realization of ideas happens. Think of the Innovation Spark as a bridge of innovation insight between what you have learned and what you can do. This insight helps you develop implementation plans that work.

This innovation insight, or “spark”, helps ignite passion, overcome hurdles, and bring you to success quicker.

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GrandView is an Open-Innovation Market Place, where members build, buy, and sell information assets used in product and service innovation.

GrandView markets products and services in a global market place.  Members develop valuable assets, virtual companies, and valuable portfolio offerings.

Monetization is achieved when revenue is generated, and your share of assets calculated. Asset value is determined by how close it is to productization, and its perceived value.

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