Build Upon Our PM Essentials Course!

   By leveraging the specialized skills of the Center's Instructional Designers, courses developed for special audiences and providing specialized skills are built upon the same blended learning platform as seen in the Project Planning Essentials course. In most cases, these courses plug right into what you learned in the essentials course. As you progress in these courses, you will discover ever increasing methods of building competitive advantage through projects. 

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Birdhouse Project

This Free course forms the essentials of most Project Planning, and Integrated PM custom courses, and can be extended to include your environment, tools, and practices. Its major sections include how to:

  • Identify Project Phases, Milestones, and Deliverables
  • Construct a Task list [WBS]
  • Estimate Planned Hours
  • Estimate Durations
  • Identify Resources
  • Define Predecessors
  • Close and Archive Projects