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Picture of Sarah Vaughn
New Course Available: For Instructor Certification
by Sarah Vaughn - Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 2:28 PM
Instructional Designers Wanted:  
Lots of people ask me how they can be involved with the PM Center of Excellence. One way, is through becoming a pmNERDS Instructor and writing eLearning courses. 

We are always looking for volunteers to create new courses for all our eLearning Course Categories: ...

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Picture of Val Workman
Corporate Custom Courses are Now Available
by Val Workman - Wednesday, 27 January 2016, 10:12 AM

We're happy to announce the successful launch of our Custom Corporate Course program. Using custom developed courses, corporations pay a fixed fee for groups of up to 200 people to have unlimited access to custom courses for three years. These courses are updated and maintained by them after ...

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CSF Wiki
by Val Workman - Thursday, 7 January 2016, 10:52 AM

Within the Situational Analysis course, a new Wiki was launched. 

The Wiki references industries by their NAICS number. Each industry has a place to capture all Key Strategic Areas (KSAs) for that industry. For each KSA identified, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) can be identified. For one thing ...

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