This category of training courses includes the SES Certification courses. It also includes courses in Time Management, Project Planning, and many Specialized Fields such as Project Finance and Accounting, Resource Allocation, Time Reporting and Estimation.

This is a required course and a core component of the SES certification requirements. It provides the attendee with a foundational comprehension of Integrated PM System Planning for increased project performance.  Within it, the participant can gain access to many course communication features that span all course sections.

Birdhouse Project

This course forms the essentials of most Project Planning, and Integrated PM custom courses, and can be extended to include your environment, tools, and practices. Its major sections include how to:

  • Identify Project Phases, Milestones, and Deliverables
  • Construct a Task list [WBS]
  • Estimate Planned Hours
  • Estimate Durations
  • Identify Resources
  • Define Predecessors
  • Close and Archive Projects