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E-Learning Innovation Spark Grandview Services Community
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Our courses are here to serve you, not to make demands on your already full schedule. Why get dressed up and go somewhere when you can increase your understandings in the comfort of your own home? Practice when your able, not when its convenient for your instructor. Our courses are accessible when ever you can get to a web browser.

Collaboration through chat. Talk when your ready, on your terms, when there is something to say.

Unlimited access to the course. There is no time limit. We know your priorities change, join us when you can. You don’t need to be in a hurry, learn at your pace. Just NEVER GIVE UP.

You can afford to build lasting friendships. What's your hurry? Get to the content you need now, and comeback later to learn fill out your Integrated PM understandings. Our courses continue to evolve over time and be responsive to each other’s experiences over time. Each course can become a lifetime experience.


Conversation is KING. With the interactions of others, you gain deep understandings and confidence to pioneer forward and make adjustments to the way you do things. Before you know it, you will see increased performance in your projects. You can always come back and refer to your coursework for ways to refine your activities, and perfect the execution of new capabilities. This kind of personal change takes time and practice- with incremental improvements. In our courses, you have all the time you need.