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Integrated PM Systems have their own unique challenges. One of the main points of Integrated PM is to see the whole story of your tasks and project performance in context of everything impacting the project, and all the organizations being impacted by the project. We do this building upon the world class data analytics and automation platform FLOW™, which using our custom automation procedures supports the demands of Integrated PM Systems.

Our packaged service contains automated workflows which transform your source datasets into standardized intermediate datasets ready for our automated scientific and statistical analysis workflows. With our workflows, you don’t need to be a “Big Data” scientist to leverage it’s power in your Integrated PM System.

Intermediate datasets are used by automated feedback control mechanisms and role-based business rules to monitor data and help achieve the business objectives of the program office and project portfolio.

Reports are populated by system feedback loops to keep the decision makers equipped with a holistic vision of task and project performance. Think of these reports as being intelligently populated from a virtual database that spans the collective knowledge of the enterprise and internet.

Task specific dashboards are constructed from workflows dynamically arranged to provide information about the current needs of the user and task at hand.


We suspect the choice of not competing isn’t a viable option. Either you build your Integrated PM System yourself, or you bring in a consulting firm. We claim to provide a third viable option, a technology based service leveraging our automated processes which are able to deliver at least 80% of what the big houses deliver, in a fraction of the cost, time, and risk.