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E-Learning Innovation Spark Grandview Services Community
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Out of all the shared assets available in a Community of Practice, (Project Plans, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Word Templates, and Software Tool Jumpstarts) the most valuable asset you can share is yourself.

Our definition of an asset is broad. A community asset and resource are anything that can be used to improve the quality of community life. This means:

It can be a person- Members can be empowered to realize and use their abilities to build and transform the Center of Excellence and Integrated PM. The member who organizes a group. Someone who comments on a forum post. These people are our community’s assets.

It can be a portion of our Website such as the annotation tool, the docker at the bottom of the pages, or any other features within the website that provides quick and easy access to other community assets.

An asset might be a study Group used for certification in a professional rating. Public and private Conversations between members can be a community asset. An asset can be a Template shared for the benefit of other members.

It can be a community Service that makes life better for some, or all community members- skills mentoring, and performance coaching would be examples along with global and local efforts that use projects to cause change. Youth Leadership at the local high school is an example.

It can be a Posting on the Center’s Job Board, or the organization that can provide employment to someone on the Job Board.


Active members are our greatest asset. You’ll want to put our assets to work for you. If you have personal assets, (such as savings), you probably don't hide them under a mattress, but invest it somewhere.

The same principle applies to the Center’s assets. Look for ways to invest your skills and time; maximize the returns of community participation. Increase value through projects. Start one yourself, or join an existing one.