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  1. Gates Ouimette
  2. Community
  3. Friday, 15 June 2018
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Data is mentioned in depth in one section of this website but are there any predefined scopes, templates, etc. to help an SMB (think 10-100 employees) gain an understanding of their data? Where it resides, where it came from, usage and interaction processes, how to clean it, how to secure it, data RTO RPO, etc?
There is potentially an unmet need for a pre-packaged "offering" (e.g. services SOW, data "management" tool) to allow the SMB to truly take advantage of emerging technology at a similar page to enterprise firms.

Gates Ouimette
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  1. Guest admin
  2. 7 months ago
  3. #8
Thanks for your suggestion. The pmNERDS consulting team use something like this in there consulting practice with a specific set of tools and templates. They sell the prepackaged templates. However, it seams to me they might generalize this for folks, so that they could provide guidelines and share experience regardless of what technology approach is chosen. I'll see what we can do. The Integrated PM eBook might provide a first step to this in the mean time.

I would love to create a meaningful discussion thread on the above link about this topic as well.
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