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Blended Learning

Halt!”, the bridge keeper yells. “You must answer three questions to safely pass the bridge of death.” Monty Python, ‘In search of the Holy Grail’

  1. How do I access the courses? (Look to the Left.)
  2. How can I become more involved? (Look to the Right.)
  3. What are the courses like? (See below.)

Good Luck!

Some things you just have to experience to understand- pmNERDS’ training courses are one of them. Once you understand Integrated PM, and develop your own set of capabilities, you are in a different world.

The pmNERDS’ courses form a bridge between current capabilities, and the extraordinary capabilities that are changing the world of project performance.

24/7 Access

“Don’t attempt to fit class schedules into your busy day. With e-Learning you can stay wherever your at, however you are, whenever you have time and can access a browser. It’s your personal study time.”

Scenario Based

“Making good project decisions can be difficult. Scenarios help us roll-play and observe the consequences in a safe environment. This helps build good intuition about new project concepts.”


“Project-Based training is recognized as a leading method in adult education. Meaningful projects provide a safe environment for participants to experiment and learn new concepts.”