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Instructional Designers Wanted

Public Course Builders/Instructors/Facilitators

    Within the pmNERDS Center of Excellence, we need entrepreneurs to develop Integrated PM training courses within our platform in the following categories:

Enterprise Level Courses

    These courses have to satisfy the requirements of collaborating with large distributed groups. Practices are concerned with Repeatability, Defendability, and Maintainability. The practices need to be quickly adoptable, and it should be easy to find employees with the required skill sets in the targeted industry. Profitability is the focus and justification in the end.

Personal Improvement Courses

    These courses do not need to focus as much on team performance as the enterprise courses. Communication begins to be more important than collaboration. Change adoption becomes an internal issue. Commitment, Discipline, and Teamwork drive success. Practices are more about growth than easiness. Strategic alignment is introduced. Also, age and experience levels are broader within this category. Profitability may be defined in terms of joy and fulfillment as often as financial growth.

Young Adult Courses (Ages 11-18)

    Competitive advantage and decision support. This group is working toward autonomy, building trust and independence are the issues, while creating as much competitive advantage as possible through the decisions made. Formal projects are introduced. How to gain the ability to carry out those decisions seems to be the primary obstacle. Examples, case studies, and quick exercises which prove the concept are critical in these courses.

Children Courses (Ages 5-10)

    Activities and visuals are key here. Are you a graphic artist? Do you enjoy putting concepts into song? Are you up for a scavenger hunt? It takes a happy disposition to work with this age group is all I can say. The PM concepts are about check lists, and personal discipline is the primary concept. Setting short-term goals, daily and weekly enables the rest of their future.


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