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  The issues are obvious; Project Managers need to leverage cross-functional activities to be more competitive. Information centered organizations rely on project managers to know how to use this information, and perform some of these discipline tasks. As more and more skills, from other disciplines, are being picked up by the project manager, the interrelationships between these skills becomes more and more complex.

   For more information about these interrelationships, read the Integrated PM e-Book.

   The formula for computing the number of these relationships is n(n-1)/2 where n is the number of skills adopted. In the illustration above that is 16(15)/2=120 inter-relationships, and that is the categories of skills, not each skill. In this world of organized complexity, project managers must look to others to do the research and development required to categorize and map information flows, study correlations, and define effect-cause-effect project behaviors.

   Integrated Project Management is an effort too big for one team, company, or industry. Members from around the World, join the Center of Excellence to address these issues as the global Project Management Community.  The training, mentoring, and coaching of these is even a bigger task. Join us, pitch in where you can.