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pmNERDS' R&D Journal of Integrated PM

  The Innovation Spark is responsible for all media within the community. Newsletters, blogs, magazine articles, and professional articles are part of this publishing effort. No one person within the community knows everything. We look to our members to share information where ever they can. Open, unbiased information flowing through the community is our competitive advantage.

   The Innovation Spart publishes the information created by others. We are always in search of the next columnist to help drive new consepts, and better explanations or use cases which make information more accessible. Do have ideas which require more R&D effort than you can give? Let the community help. At the same time, we want to provide insight into existing practices that may be new to some of our members. Our mission is to provide:

  • Quality Information to our community
  • Motivate members to use new approaches to projects
  • Give members confidence to be more innovative
  • Breakdown concepts so members have autonomy in their use
  • Provide selection criteria insight