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Workfront Datasheets

Workfront Proofing

As part of Workfront marketing work management, Workfront offers digital proofing as an add-on package to more effectively manage the task of sharing, editing and collaborating with digital assets.

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Agile Methods

You have empowered teams. You rock the Agile methodology. You love iterations. You move fast, and your code is clean. But your world is bigger than just your code. You need something more. Workfront brings zen to enterprise work management by melding your worlds. Agile, meet Workfront—a match made in heaven.

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Workfront Calendar

If you’re a normal human being, you’re probably used to a project calendar that you have to manually maintain, keep on a community whiteboard, or in a giant spreadsheet. It’s disconnected from the work, disorganized, and painful. The Workfront Calendar View builds itself and stays built, connecting your world to the work you do. Fire and forget.

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Workfront Integrations

Enterprise Work Management means managing the end-to-end lifecycle of work in order to streamline workflow and improve efficiency by reducing the need to toggle between tools. Our tailored integrations improve visibility and eliminate silos of information–giving you data where it is needed, in the context of work.

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Enterprise Cloud

Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud is enterprise-grade and CIO-approved, even for the most security—and compliance— conscious organizations (such as those in Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, etc.). Workfront has industry-leading enhancements to better meet the needs of the largest enterprises.

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Workfront View iPad

The Workfront View™ iPad app provides senior managers with easy access to real-time visibility into their department’s work at their fingertips. It’s never been simpler to paint a holistic picture of enterprise work—with Workfront View, you’ll see both the forest and the trees.

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Workfront eBooks

Workfront Marketing Work Management

Workfront is a cloud-based Marketing Work Management solution that helps in-house creative teams and agencies, marketing departments, and external agencies conquer the chaos of excessive email, redundant status meetings, constant rework, and tedious approval processes.

Unlike other tools, Workfront Marketing Work Cloud is a centralized, easy-to-adopt solution for managing and collaborating on all creative work through the entire work lifecycle, which improves team productivity, credibility, and executive visibility. Thousands of enterprise marketing teams and agencies trust their work to Workfront, such as Adobe, Cisco, HBO, Covario, Ralph Lauren, SapientNitro, REI, Trek, Schneider Electric, Tommy Hilfiger, and ATB Financial.

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The League Of Agency Villains

If your agency is anything like most agencies, then your workdays are probably getting terrorized by the League of Agency Villains (LAV). The LAV is a group of seven of the most terrible agency “bad guys,” teamed up and working together to wreak havoc on your work processes, deadlines, and client satisfaction.

Agencies battle these villains every day, but often don’t recognize the true threat they pose because agency teams have been conditioned to think they’re necessary evils. This eBook exposes these agency work villains for the dangers they really are and spills the secrets for how to thwart them.

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Dispelling the Illusion of Productivity

Five Unproductive phrases - creatives explain them & how to avoid them.

  • “Let me email that to you again so it’s at the top of the list.”
  • “It’s 80% done.”
  • “Final_v19” or “Is this the final-final?”
  • “Just trying to keep my head above water.”
  • “I need this by the endof the day.”



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Winning At The Game Of Marketing

Six common Marketing problems and the tricks to beat them

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9 Levels Of Enterprise Work Hell

1. Tool Hell, 2. Rework Hell, 3. Fire drill Hell, 4. Silo Hell, 5. Reporting Hell, 6. Meeting Hell, 7. Interruption Hell, 8. Email Hell, 9. Collaboration Hell, 10. Bonus Level: Purgatory

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10 Problems Preventing Work

The 10 problems preventing your IT team from doing their best work and how to solve them.

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Project Management Hall of Shame

How to avoid the Project Management Hall of Shame – 9 Failed Projects of the Past.

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How To Slay The Dragon Of Enterprise Work

If you’re reading this eBook, it’s probably because you’ve got a pest control problem. This isn’t just an irritating lizard infestation, though. This is larger and nastier than lizards; it’s a huge, nasty, fire-breathing, hard to ignore, dragon. The dragon of work chaos. And you need to know how to slay it. Well, there’s no need to fear.

This eBook will teach you the right—and necessary—weapons to help you extinguish the fire, examine your burn wounds, and exterminate the work chaos dragon for good.

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Project Leadership

Lessons from 40 PPM Experts on Making the Transition from Project Management to Project Leadership.

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The Working Dead

YOU’VE SENSED IT COMING FOR AWHILE NOW. Your team’s pace has slowed to a dead-legged shuffle. Productivity has fallen while frustration and discouragement spread like a virus. They are in your office, taking the forms of co-workers, managers, and stakeholders, passing the infection on to others. And if you don’t take action soon, the Working Dead will devour your team once and for all. But all is not lost. This guide will acquaint you with the various strains of workplace zombies and how to fight them off. With the right solutions and processes, you can eradicate the workplace zombie epidemic and return your team to their healthy, human best.

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Waterfall to Agile

Making the Transition to Agile or a Mixed Methodology Approach - 20 TOP EXPERTS SHARE THEIR SECRETS.

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