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Why work with a Value Added Reseller (VAR)?

Because your looking for a “Turn-Key” solution to Enterprise Work Management

  • leveraging the advantages of Integrated PM practices,
  • continuous innovation and training,
  • while enabling unheard of communication and change adoption
  • in context of World class technology
  • which is optimally deployed.

It’s a mouthful! Lets face it, Enterprise Work Management requires a holistic solution, designed by people who are looking for the simplest solution possible, and not a SAP, or IBM like cadre of consultants.

For pmNERDS, the need was obvious. Lets see if a VAR solution is right in your case.


Integrated PM

Anything less than a holistic deployment is only part of the solution and can lead to inadequate PM Improvement initiatives, much like the wise men and elephant. Integrated PM integrates the best practices of many disciplines and brings them into the reach of PMs, for a competitive decision-making capability. As a VAR we can identify your software requirements, and make recommendations that will shorten the evaluation process, saving the PM improvement initiative thousands in saved time, not to mention reduced risk.

General Timeline

A typical sales engagement with pmNERDS entails these six stages. Our sales and consultants work with you as you engage with software vendors. The result is a seamless implementation developed by you, the software vendor and our consultants.


Navigate Through Our General Timeline

Scoping Planning Building Stabilizing Deployment Closing


Participate in Project Planning Essentials Course

Gather information

Investigate software options

Initial software implementation requirements

Establish general training requirements

Outline Initial communication and adoption plan


Create Initial Custom Course Outline

Select Software

Add activities to adoption and communication plans

Establish Budget


Build custom course

Build deployment project plan

Implement software with custom configuration

Define UAT Tests

Build communication activity resources


Conduct Initial Group Acceptance Tests

Finalize Software Implementation

Finalize Course Implementation


Adoption Activities

General Software Deployment

General Training

Skills Mentoring

Performance Coaching


Review issue log

Document Lessons Learned

Verify requirements completion

Document Value Realization & Case Study

Close Project & Migrate to Support


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