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pmNERDS is an open community, it is what you are. It’s true, to fund the community, some of us work within a Value Added Reseller business arrangement to generate revenue for the community and our families. But the majority of the revenue goes to improve the site. You should talk with a pmNERDS professional, you’ll be impressed.

Our Members create training courses for all ages and practices used in Integrated PM. This is entrepreneurship at its finest. They do this in expectation of revenue generation, so please reward their efforts when appropriate. Better yet, pitch in and develop a course yourself.

Many members will contribute in different ways, some write articles, Wiki and Glossary entries; others get involved through forums and chats. Whatever it is, come by, and make pmNERDS a little better than you left it. A national leader once said, “What better people is there, than Project People, to take concepts and turn them into reality?” Now, after 16 years, I have to agree, “What better people is there?”


pmNERDS LLC does not share any of your personal information you provide to us, without your permission. We do not store or share your credit card or personal financial information. We store your user name and profile information in the pmNERDS community database.


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