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You Get The Best Of All Worlds

Unlike what you find in most e-Learning courses, in our Center's Blended Learning Courses, you have interaction and learning experiences with instructors and classmates. Unlike your typical university on-line courses, you don’t have time constraints or due dates. Unlike the classroom experience, you don’t have to go anywhere; you don’t even have to get up in the morning. Unlike other self-study initiatives, you have collaboration, support groups, and personal recognition.

  •    Industry Proven Best-Practices
  •    Example Processes Engaging Multiple PMs
  •    Instructor Lead Interactive Discussions
  •    Template and Worksheet Jump starts
  •    Accessed Over the Web, or Mobile Devices
  •    Self-Paced Lessons
  •    No Time Limits - Life Access
  •    Recommended Reading


To register you’ll need to have a Center of Excellence Membership, obtain an Enrollment Code, than you can Self-Enroll in the Course.

Enrollment Code Costs Per Course:



Personal Improvement


Young Adults





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