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About Us

   This Center of Excellence is committed to developing the practice of Integrated PM. Systems Engineering may be a complicated discipline, but many of its practices and other disciplines are intuitive and can be applied to project management and made accessible even to children. Our members join together to make these practices available to as many people in the world as possible.

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence
“The Center is an open community made up of individuals wanting to learn, teach, and develop new practices. Communication is KING here, and by joining in various groups and collaborating with other like minded members, the entire community grows."


Center of Excellence
“We consult for three reasons, to help others experience the joy of projects being done right. To help keep the Integrated PM practices real. And lastly, to help fund the Center and its operational costs.”

Software & Hardware Sales

Center of Excellence
“Good practices, and effective processes go a long way, but hardware and software also build your organization’s competitive advantage. pmNERDS partners with vendors to deliver powerful custom solutions to clients wanting a holistic perspective.”