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Plugged-In Learning

   Our pmNERDS’ courses help keep you plugged into instructors and participants from around the World. Anywhere with web access, you plug into relevant project activities, resources, and coaching on your projects. New courses are being added all the time, if not there now, look back later, or request a course. Custom courses are available combining software implementation and process improvement by certified consultants and trainers.

Project Based

Project Based
“Learn project principles on real projects. Whether finishing paint on a model car, clothing for a porcelain doll, or another product brochure, our courses help generalize product practices for the next challenge.

24/7 Blended Learning

Blended Learning
“Imagine if you will, extracting the best of the Class-Room Experience, e-Learning, Scenario Learning, and Project Based Learning. Now, blend this together with a global community dedicated to your success …

Social Learning Activities

Social Learning Activities
“The fastest way to Teach/Learn is to engage at a social level. You say an online course can’t do that? Think Pokémon Go™ with a lesson plan, instant chat, and readily defined teams.”