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   GrandView markets products and services in a global market place.  Members develop valuable assets, virtual companies, and valuable portfolio offerings. Monetization is achieved when revenue is generated, and your share of assets calculated. Asset value is determined by how close it is to productization, and its perceived value.

Open Market

Open Market
“As new assets and products are brought to market, everyone who has contributed to it, even the front-end ideation piece, will receive compensation depending on their level of contribution.”

Asset Development

“Information Assets such as market evidence, problem statements, business plans, features, roadmaps, requirements, and product launches are developed, and depending on which assets are used, will produce a very different product.”

Capitalization of Ideas

Capitalization of Ideas
“Your product/service may be distributed with an e-commerce solution, or a more traditional approach using a brick and mortar infrastructure. In any case, GrandView supports ideation, conversion, and your diffusion methods.”