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R & D Journal of Integrated PM

   The Body of Knowledge used in Management Science and Systems Thinking relevant to Project Management has grown exponentially over the last 15 years, and yet there still isn’t a professional body proposing and proving Integrated PM practices. The R&D Journal, sponsored by pmNERDS addresses this issue, and turns this responsibility over to the public at large.

Research & Development

Research & Development
“Research projects come from Workshops, and our members interests. Once a project is proposed, members are needed to repeat and validate findings. Others apply the results to new practices of Integrated PM."

Call For Papers

Call For Papers
“Looking for academic papers on research and experimentation of Integrated PM practices, implementations, and the development of Integrated PM tools. Reach out to us and propose a paper, the academic committee will provide direction and support along the way."

Open Access Journals

Open Access Journals
“The purpose for the journal is for building a collective knowledge base of Integrated PM, communicating this information, validating the quality of research, distributing rewards and recognition, all the while building our community."