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Strategic Project Planning

   Our services increase your competitive advantage by adding practices to increase perceived value, and/or decrease operational costs, while leveraging your current processes for rapid adoption.

Strategic Project Planning is a practice primarily used to decrease operational costs. This is the strategic planning for a select few projects. These are the projects that are intended to transform the product, product-line, lines of service, or organization. These are the high-dollar, high-risk, and projects with high-levels of innovation. This is the best way of shaping the environment and preparing the foundation for successful innovation.

Strategic Project Planning
Fast-Service™ Package

“Planning practices can have dramatic impact on downstream activities. Poor planning performance can determine if any planning ever gets done.”

Strategic Project Planning with SHAPE

“Strategic Project Planning with SHAPE produces a process umbrella designed specifically for strategic project planning, while offering your choice of process methods for flexibility and rapid deployment.”

Strategic Project Planning

Center of Excellence
“Strategic project planning practices, policies, procedures, and governance measures within a performance measure framework to support continuous performance improvement leveraging systems thinking.”