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Capacity Planning

   Our services increase your competitive advantage by adding practices to increase perceived value, and/or decrease operational costs, while leveraging your current processes for rapid adoption.

Capacity Planning is a practice primarily used to decrease operational costs. It addresses two functional questions. Given a fixed workload of projects, what resources are needed to complete them in a fixed time period? And, given a fixed set of resources, how many projects can be completed in a fixed period? As it turns out, different solution methods will produce different answers.

Capacity Planning
Fast-Service™ Package

Capacity Planning Package
“Capacity Planning practices can be the difference between successfully completing projects or not. Slow performance can determine if any capacity planning ever gets done.”

Capacity Planning with PATHS

Capacity Planning with PATHS Process Consulting
“Capacity Planning with PATHS produces a process umbrella designed specifically for capacity planning, while offering your choice of process methods for flexibility and rapid deployment.”

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning Performance Improvement Consulting
“Capacity planning practices, policies, procedures, and governance measures within a performance measure framework to support continuous performance improvement leveraging systems thinking.”