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Our services are used by organizations seeking ways to improve their business operations. This is achieved by defining ideation, conversion, or diffusion improvement initiatives. Focusing on one of these capabilities helps determine where you’ll receive the greatest return from our services. With a short conversation, we can identify which of the 16 areas below should be addressed to break your principle constraint.

Our consultants are experts in rapidly delivering an Integrated PM System, and using our technology-based services, to implement the practices of knowledge curation and business operation management for improved decision support, change impact analysis, and day-to-day activity performance improvement.

The Primary Purpose Of These Practices Is To Decrease Operational Costs.

The eight Business Operations below contain the common objective to reduce operational costs. Improvements in any one of these eight capabilities could reduce costs, and achieve your objectives, but depending on the relative position of your principle constraint; the effects of your efforts would actually make things worse (upstream) or create short-term improvements (downsteam). In the downstream case, eventually performance will drop back to previous performance levels after the downstream activities have been flushed out.

The Primary Purpose Of These Practices Is To Increase Perceived Value

The capabilities below are used to drive-up the perceived value of your organization, operational products, deliverables, and services. The trick is to balance these activities that increase client satisfaction within current business constraints. Once again, it’s important to know where your team’s principle constraint is at. In each of these 16 capabilities, there are hundreds of different practices that are used to break your constraint, depending on many factors unique to your organization. Our consultants are experts at quickly developing the best solution for your team, and its ability to adopt new capabilities.

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