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Launch Definition

   Our services increase your competitive advantage by adding practices to increase perceived value, and/or decrease operational costs, while leveraging your current processes for rapid adoption.

Launch Definition is a practice primarily used to increase perceived value. When a tree falls in a forest with no one around, does it make noise? Well, it had better if we want anyone to know about it. Does your new offering provide any value to the targeted market? How do you expect to deliver real value? Is it competitive, does it do what you think it will, and how do you know? These questions and many more are addressed during the launch. To realize the value expected from your projects, Launch It!

Launch Definition
Fast-Service™ Package

Launch Definition Package
“Launch Definition practices increase performance. Effective deployment of the right practice will deliver that improved performance faster, lasting longer, and requiring less interruptions.”

Launch Definition with MEANS

Launch Definition
“Launch Definition with MEANS produces a process umbrella designed specifically for launch definition, while offering your choice of process methods for flexibility and rapid deployment.”

Launch Definition

Launch Definition
“Launch & project definition practices, policies, procedures, and governance measures within an performance measure framework to support continuous performance improvement leveraging systems thinking.”