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Service Operational Concepts

   Using our Annotations feature, you can learn even more about our services, and as a team collaborate in private discussions without interrupting your daily events- Annotation is available 24/7 throughout our website.


   The Fast-Service™ offering leverages a short self-assessment, and a series of 8, one-hour calls spread out over a month. Our consultants work to develop specialized deliverables that help your team be ready to make the decisions needed on the next call. We use series of specialized practices and templates to accomplish the heavy lifting in a few hours, leaving your team focuses on their daily tasks. This is a fixed-price, fixed-duration offering, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


   The Process-Service™ offering accomplishes the same thing as the Fast-Service™ but trains your team how to analyze and build the specialized deliverable. Your team will be able to identify the key process constraints, design and document modified practices ready to be placed into a Performance Measure Framework supporting continuous performance improvement and governance. Due to the learning and behavioral change component, this engagement takes longer, and is based on predefined SOW line-items. Pricing is dependent on selected prepackaged line items.


   The Performance-Service™ offering builds upon the Process-Service™ capabilities and populates custom best-practices into a prebuilt performance measure framework to be used in your continuous performance improvement initiative. We coach your group, using our templates, through the planning and conducting of the four deployment stages, and conducting of a self-assessment using the performance measure framework. A custom SOW is developed with the customer to best satisfy client requirements.