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Free Integrated PM Stuff

   At pmNERDS, we’re all about promoting Integrated PM, here you’ll find materials offered for free to help our web visitors learn more about us. No we won’t be asking you a bunch of marketing questions. Check it out, if you agree with us about the importance of project performance, join our community (it’s also free) and let’s build the practice together.

Free Integrated
PM Booklets

Free Booklets
“Booklets on varying topics related to Integrated PM are posted in Adobe PDF format for you to download and distribute. These can also be viewed on-line, so you can use the annotation features of the site.”

Free Integrated
PM Courses

Free Courses
“Our courses offer 24-7 access without any time limit. They are highly collaborative, so invite the whole team (regardless of size). They provide scenario based learning along with, you got it, project based learning”

Free Community Coaching

Launch Definition
“Our community members are some of the best people in the industry- bar none. Volunteer to participate in the coaching program; be coached, learn from their examples, and coach others.”