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Project Planning

Collaborate with practitioners from around the World to find the best practices of:

  • Starting Projects
  • The WBS
  • Estimating Planned Hours
  • Estimating Durations
  • Assigning Resources
  • Establishing Predecessors

Constraint Analysis

Learn how to conduct constraint analysis, develop the artifacts of the Fast-Service, identify process bottle-necks, and design practices to improve overall process performance.

Process Performance

Learn how to manage the five cycles of Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI), accomplish tasks within each cycle, and conduct the CPI Self assessment.

Performance Measure Frameworks

Gain a working understanding of a Performance Measure Framework, its domains, business strategy, enabler types, enablers and practices. Define measure types and measures. Gather performance measure targets, policies, procedures, guidelines, …

CPI Preparation

Review CPI, plan for CPI initiative and cycles, select and train improvement team, Define current processes within Performance Measure Framework and Integrated PM Domain enablers.