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E-Learning Innovation Spark Grandview Services Community
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Innovation starts here. In a flash, energy can become a new idea.

   The Innovation Spark sponsors opportunities to create that flash of innovation insight. We provide insight about those things that impact projects of all scope and industries. Much of that insight comes from you and our community. Blog posts, forums, the e-Pub, comments, and our Newsletters all come together to form a catalyst used to create new ideas triggering project innovation processes.


“Designed to provide a pleasant reading experience, this is a quarterly publication that collects the most popular Integrated PM blog posts of the past three months. So if your reading time is limited, you may find this is a good solution


“Guest bloggers are always welcome- anything Integrated PM. Our blogs are not meant to be the end-all, but the start-all format. They provide a conversation start. We would love to gather your feedback, thoughts, and experiences."


“Questions, problems, book & tool reviews- let the community know about it. Like you, we’re always learning, and we can help each other throughout the journey.”