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Innovation Spark

   The Innovation Spark e-Magazine, Straight Talk forum, Project Case Studies, Blog posts, and R&D Journal builds confidence, insight, and skills needed for the realization of ideas. Think of the Innovation Spark as a bridge of innovation insight spanning the distance between your past experiences and the actualization of future dreams.


“Our e-Magazine is like a system of communication satellites that keep your information cable plugged in and live, 24/7. It constantly scans for Integrated PM information and pipes it into a digestible format."

Blog Posts

Blog Posts
“Instructors and other members of our community blog to help create a center of mass, and cause a continuous flow of information as members respond to new ideas and practices.”

R&D Journal of Integrated PM

R&D Journal of Integrated PM
“The Journal’s mission is to sponsor academic research and commercial development of new methods and practices in the field of Integrated PM.