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  Our technology is built upon Flow-Analytics™, an amazing cloud SAAS offering that includes a powerful, robust and fast data analytics framework designed for Knowledge Curation.

  We have built an Integrated PM architecture and practices on top of this framework to support the projects, products, and services of operations for holistic decision support and change impact analysis.

  You can “Plug’n Play” new practices using Fast-Service™ definitions designed to break your current key constraint identified by the performance framework. We can get you closer to continuous performance improvement than anyone at this price and in this time frame.

Data Gathering

“During the implementation, we identify applications containing data impacting your projects and create APIs, normally in less than a few hours, to bring you a holistic view of information flows across your projects.”

Data Cleansing

“The data comes in all shapes and formats. This is the automated process of putting it in human terms, filtering, dicing, and splicing. The biggest complaint is too much data and not enough information. This is where that’s taken care of."

PM Work & Data Flows

“Flows within the system come together during this process, putting information and work flows in context of each other and the strategic intent of the organization and stakeholders.”

Information Hypercube

“These are small data warehouses representing the disciplines included within your system. Each node in the hypercube is connected by relationships to synthesize new knowledge form existing information."

Automated Learning

“Nothing is more powerful than a hypercube on automated learning. Using leading edge technology, project information is processed using artificial intelligence and machine learning to accomplish deep learning ready for consumption."

Knowledge Processing

“Knowledge is pulled together into reports based on job roles, workflows, and project templates to produce the most relevant reports possible.”

Actionable Dashboards

“Dashboards are built by combining reports and visualization techniques to make the integrated PM knowledge as actionable as possible- satisfying your decision making, and change impact analysis needs.”