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Integrated Project Management

   Traditional rational thinking is still largely based on reductionist and cause-and-effect modes. These may not be able to cope with complexity, leading to narrowly focused, piece-meal decision making which may result in unplanned outcomes and which from an overall point of view may be ineffective. Integrated PM takes a comprehensive view, focusing on the whole and trying to explain the role or behavior of the projects and tasks in terms of that whole, rather than the other way around.

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking
“Systems Thinking strives for effectiveness in terms of the system as a whole, rather than the narrow efficiency of its parts.”

Leveraging Proven Disciplines

Multi-Faceted Projects
“Integrated PM is very different than other approaches, but it leverages the adopted bodies of knowledge from professional organizations such as the PMI, INCOSE, PDMA, and others."

Integrated PM Certification

IntegratedPM Certification
“Certification indicates Integrated PM capability along seven pillars: Ecosystems, Disciplines, Innovation, Research, Continuous Improvement, Collaboration, and Leadership."