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E-Learning Innovation Spark Grandview Services Community
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Where Knowledge & Action Come Together

   The Center of Excellence is a group of self-governing people, organized and constrained within a global open community, who hold each other accountable for, and are defined by, the accomplishment of elevating projects, while constantly improving the quality and awareness of our shared practice of Integrated PM. Please Come and Join Us!.

Asset Sharing

“The Project Plans, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Word Templates, Software Tool Jumpstarts that others are using in production might help you, and you might be able to help others. Use them and share your experiences and feedback with others.”


Group Study

“Study groups provide an opportunity for members to get together and focus on exam preparation, team self-assessments, peer reviews, and anything else- you can create your own group, or join an existing one!



“The truth is found in the combination of many perspectives. Sometimes just talking about it will magically resolve the issue. Other times we really need a pair of fresh eyes. At pmNERDS conversation is KING!”



“ is imbedded into our Website. Take notes privately, or with your team. Make annotations just on our site, or across the entire web. At the end, you have your notes, and a deep learning experience."



““With all the tools and content at the center, understanding Integrated PM couldn’t be easier. It doesn’t mater what you’ve done in the past, just jump in and begin studying. Stick to it, participate, and before you know it – you’ll see the benefits."


Job Board

““We are a community of people impacting projects, and others are looking. Go a head and post your resume or job opening, we have recruiters browsing through our Job Boards all the time. You just might find your last job there.”


“Within the Center, people work together, help each other out, and share career problems. This creates friendships that last a lifetime. Professionally based relationships can create an innovative environment that just spells opportunity.”