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pmNERDS’ Fast-Service™ leverages our consulting tools to identify the key-constraint in your business operations. We then design practice change that will break the constraint, and result in measurable performance improvements.

Complete in 20 Business Days- We will finish all deliverables of the Fast-Service™ unless client arranges for a longer duration. This is a fixed-scope and fixed-fee product. Changes in duration doesn’t change either of these factors.

Eight One-Hour Phone Interviews- The CORE implementation team of the client meets with our consultant over a 1 hour web conference. The consultant creates and reviews organizational enablers with client to enable team decisions.

Per Business Unit- The scope of the Fast-Service™ is for one business unit. Addition business units will require a separate engagement.

Guarantee- 30 day, money back guarantee. You will see increased performance or your money back.


The Fast-Service™ doesn’t require any additional service, and is a complete package. It is designed to also fit into the Performance Measure Framework if desired. It is also ready for implementation into your Integrated PM System if desired. So, instead of starting over, the Fast-Service is designed to work with other downstream objectives and PM services.