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The Performance-Service™ is different from the Process-Service™ in three principle ways. Firstly- this uses the practices and processes developed in the other services and attaches performance data to it. Secondly- practices, processes, and performance data are placed in context of other practices, Organizational Enablers, Business Strategy, and Integrated PM Domains. Thirdly- your CORE team is trained, mentored, and coached in conducting performance self-assessments.

A systems approach to Performance Measures that cascade up to business enablers and strategic business objectives in each Integrated PM discipline is produced.

The Performance Measure Framework creates a centralized dataset that puts process knowledge in context of policies, constraints, requirements, and conversation.

Self-Assessments are an important part of the continuous performance improvement initiative. The Performance-Service™ develops the performance improvement team, enabling self-assessments within the four improvement stages.

Continuous Performance Improvement is enabled by an automated performance Measure framework populated with operations practices, performance measures, and relevant information.


The Performance-Service™ is custom, each engagement requires a proposal reflecting your organization’s readiness and needs. This service has the Fast-Service ™ and Process-Service ™ as a prerequisite and helps define automation and technology implementation. The CPI stages are worked through within the context of your performance framework and form a performance baseline for future self-assessments.