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The Process-Service™ is different from the Fast-Service ™ in two principle ways. Firstly- this is a process focus (multiple Fast-Service™ type practices strung together). Secondly- pmNERDS work as mentors to teach your CORE team to do what our consultants did during the Fast-Service™.

A la Carte SOW menu items are selected by the client; each menu item has a fixed-price and fixed set of deliverables. Duration depends on client’s availability and needs. The SOW (Statement of Work) item’s estimated duration can be modified during the engagement, and additional capabilities can be added using a standard hourly rate.

Total Duration is dependent upon the sum of menu items selected, plus client’s CORE team readiness and availability. There is a large component of process training and skills mentoring during this type of Service.

Holistic design of a complete process, typically crossing multiple department boundaries to accomplish one Integrated PM business objective is needed.


The Process-Service™ doesn’t require any additional service and is a complete package. It is designed to also fit into the Performance Measure Framework if desired. It is also ready for implementation into your Integrated PM System if desired. Value is realized in using the Process-Service™ to conduct constraint analysis, process design, and change adoption.