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One of the best techniques used in adult education is scenario-based learning. This is where the participant is given a short scenario and asked to make a decision. Decision consequences are examined, and relationships examined. “What-If” exploration helps solidify learning experiences. Cause-Effect thinking is strengthened, and deep Integrated PM System principles are learned.

Real-life business scenarios with unclear decisions resulting in different levels of goodness help to develop understandings and confidence in newly learned Integrated PM principles and capabilities. .

Scenario based learning helps generate interest late at night after a long day at work. No this is about entertainment, it’s about success or failure.

Safe environments are created to support exploration into potentially bad decisions

Familiarity with these scenarios, gives the participant the ability to recognize patterns in their business environment and know how to avoid bad decisions.


What more God like attribute is there, than to peer into the future, experience all the outcomes of your potential decisions, and then come back into current time, and recognize decisions, know the outcomes, and make the best choice. This is the power of scenario based training.