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   We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of Integrated PM. Use this site to learn more about it. Work with community members to gain experience. Our technology-based services can add the platform needed to deliver automated data analytics, practice standardization, decision support, and change impact analysis across the organization.

   Our service levels build upon each other, providing your organization with what you need, when you need it. With each incremental engagement, you’ll gain additional capabilities leading toward continuous performance improvement.

   When it comes to Integrated PM technology and practice deployment, you just can’t do better than pmNERDS’ services.


“Provide us with the facts and let us do the constraint analysis, develop practices, create adoption material, and identify performance measures needed for the Performance Measure Framework and Integrated PM™ Technology."


“Once you’ve experienced the Fast-Service™, you might want to do it yourself. We provide a training course, skills mentoring, and performance coaching so that you can build your own process made of multiple practices.”


“Leverage the Performance Measure Framework and the Integrated PM™ system to support knowledge curation and business operations efforts. We implement the complete system for your business unit.”