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Use the annotation tool to highlight and take notes for personal study and team collaboration om our website, or across the entire web. In the upper right corner, just above the right slider bar, you can expand the annotation tool and see your annotations. Make sure you select the "eye" icon to see the public highlights on each web page.

Highlight words or concepts that you intend to get back to for further research.  Later, highlights help you refer to links with related information, videos, or training courses.

Annotation Categories give you the ability to study topics, either privately, or encourage collaboration between your team members.

Mark questions and concerns as your reading to get back to with team members, community mentors, or even the author. Most likely, they are not online all at the same time, but open dialog and collaboration is made possible with the annotation tool, even if you have already left.


The annotation tool is an important enabler for innovation and growth within the field of Integrated PM. Come join us and feel free to mark up the pages, for you private use, or collaboration with others.