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E-Learning Innovation Spark Grandview Services Community
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Our Center’s Job Board serves organizations looking for people familiar with Integrated PM. Members in our community come from multiple types of background in Marketing, the PMO, and Manufacturing.

We also serve our members who post their resume in anticipation of new opportunities working on an Integrated PM team.

Experienced PMs- Our members are experienced Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers in various industries. Feel free to post openings. Members looking for opportunities will reach out to you.

Experienced Team Member- Our members work in the center as volunteers on many different local and global projects. They know how to herd cats to get the job done. If your looking for a PM who knows hoe to collaborate in difficult environments, look know further.

Integrated PM Systems- All the technology in the world won’t replace the experience of people who know how to leverage the decision-support and change impact analysis from an Integrated PM System. You need some one who at least knows what the vision is. Our Job Board contains a collection or member resumes with that experience.


The Job Board is a catalyst of change. This is a free service, connecting organizations looking for technical resources, and members looking for new opportunities.