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There is a growing trend for Knowledge Curation and Business Operations to come together in the project world. This trend is causing change throughout the project management industry. One change already visible, is the impact this is having on the role of Project Manager. As Data Scientists integrate more and more business operations with enterprise information, project performance increases. Innovation is exploding. To stay current, people being impacted by Integrated PM Systems, and people impacting Integrated PM Systems need the Innovation Spark more and more.

Favorite blog posts of the last quarter are published in the e-PUB. Multiple topics mean that there is something for everyone interested in Integrated PM.

Relevant You-Tube Teaching Videos are linked to the end of each article, to further enrich the reading experience.

Annotatable text lets readers mark-up their own copy of the e-Pub, capturing ideas that the e-PUB sparked. These insights can be connected to insights found on other websites and brought together to help expand concepts that you can use in your own Integrated PM adventure. /p>


Five years ago, most companies collected data that was part of their projects and daily tasks stored them in a database. This data was used primarily to keep track of operations or forecast needs. Today, both the sources and volume of data collected has exploded. At the same time, the need for cross-functional data to be transformed into knowledge and communicated to the enterprise, is no longer nice to have, but mandatory to maintain competitiveness. Knowledge Curation requires modern techniques not found in yesterday’s traditional tools.