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24/7 Blended Learning

“If I take a training course that is not sponsored by the Center of Excellence, then I might access PM information, but I can’t have it all, and I won’t learn about managing projects using Integrated PM.”

What is the origin of the Olympic logo? In 1896 one of the Olympic founders, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, proposed the idea for a unified motto and symbol to reflect the unified International Community. Later, the meaning ‘Faster, higher, stronger’ began to be applied.

Today, the interlocking nature of the rings are emblematic of unity; unity between the participants, unity between their approach to being the best of the world. Blended Learning brings the best teaching methods to the world, to teach the best methods of Integrated PM developed. And no, we don’t fly the Olympics flag or brand, but we carry the flame.

Out of all the training courses out there that I could take, what courses should I take, given my limited time for personal training? This is a Portfolio Management question, and any Portfolio Manager would tell you, one of the first things you need to address this with is documented selection criteria. However, even before this you must have a list of options.

I’m going to create a little of a false conundrum here, but I promise to fix it before to long. For the purpose of illustration, let me list some of our alternatives.

We could attend a course hosted by a local college. We would receive face-time with the instructor and students. But, we would have to commit to a meeting time, and travel to the location

We could take an on-line course and have access to training material 24/7, and we wouldn’t have to travel. But, we wouldn’t be able to engage with others taking the course.

We could look for scenario based course material which presents new concepts based on a story line that illustrates the deeper ideas of those concepts. Decisions are presented in context of the story line, and based on the student’s decision, consequences of those decisions can then be illustrated in context of the story line, or scenario.

We could require project based training. In this case, we work on a tangible project, we live with the consequences of our decisions, and our experience in the project become our own, personal scenario.

Now, based on our selection criteria, we could use portfolio practices to determine what type of course we should participate in. But wait, we don’t have to choose one over the other. With Blended Learning, we can get the best of all these different approaches.

When it comes to learning new concepts, such as found in Integrated PM, Blended Learning is optimal because it supports multiple perspectives and experiences which are easily accessible over the web. At the Center of Excellence, we have chosen this method of teaching Integrated PM.

Course Designers and Instructors are taught how to produce a course that utilizes these teaching techniques to provide the very best learning experience possible, in terms of course content as well as in course design.



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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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