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In Cathy's life's endeavors, she has been able to empower companies to expand their PM capabilities for: Innovation, R&D, NPD, Product Management, Operations, Finance, HR, and IT PMO.  Cathy also has knowledge and experience in: Consultative Sales, Solution Sales, Challenger Sales, Strategic Selling, Spin Selling, Conceptual Selling, SNAP Selling, and CustomerCentric Selling, Economics & Finance, Product Management, Integrated PM, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Program Management, IT Portfolio Management, Product Development, Ideation, Front-End Innovation, New Product Development, Stage-Gate®, Phase-Gate, Roadmapping, and Strategic Planning 

Derick Workman is a product management and marketing professional with more than 13 years’ experience on the leading edge of product, project, and portfolio management. He has worked side-by-side with leaders at some of the most innovative companies in the world. Derick is the lead Product Manager of pmNERDS training courses. He works with Instructional Designers and Content Experts to deliver the best learning-experience to our members possible while balancing today’s business and technology constraints. Derick has received certification and training in Pragmatic Marketing, Progressive Elaboration, StageGate, Systems Thinking, PDMA certification in New Product Development Processes, Six Sigma Business Scorecarding, Project Management, Cost Estimation, Agile Development, Lean Six Sigma Logistics, and Process Improvement. His interests reside in Supply Chain Management, E-Learning, Logistics, Value “Stream” Chain analysis, Management Science, Information Asset Management, Open Innovation, and Operational Research.

Lauren Davis, a sought-after author, speaker and evangelist of Continuous Performance Improvement is the Lead Consultant at pmNERDS supporting the CPI course, and deployment of CPI Initiatives. She travels around the World facilitating CPI Initiatives and research into better Integrated PM practices.  As Lead consultant Lauren has worked on hundreds of process improvement projects in the Marketing, and IT industries and has focused on methods of process training, skills coaching, and performance mentoring. She is a certified Workfront Consultant. Her professional interests lie in the support and development of emerging markets, international projects, globally distributed development and manufacturing, competency development, and capacity planning.

Starting his career in data processing operations, Robert quickly transitioned to software development, system & database design, and business analysis. He has worked in the insurance, transportation supply, and healthcare industries. Robert’s early career influences included Structured Analysis and Structured Design as evangelized by Tom DeMarco and Edward Yourdon, and IBM and Microsoft project management methodologies. He led a start-up company that developed Docuscan, a system that utilizes an optical mark read scanner in physician offices to record patient encounters. As a consultant, Robert contributed to the products of several major healthcare application vendors and led numerous enterprise-wide application deployment and process improvement initiatives. He has maintained a Project Management Professional certification since 2007, contributed to the PMI Project Manager Competency Framework, taught PMP preparation courses, and led the formation and operation of project management offices for two major healthcare systems. For pmNERDS, he has participated in the development of the Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) practice. Robert is currently the Practice Lead for Value Realization within the pmNERDS' IBM consultancy.

With a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Val began working in the Aerospace and Defense, Telecommunications, and Electronics industries doing Predictive performance modeling, simulation, and animation. Later he would gain experience in Project, Product, Program and Portfolio Management. He leveraged this experience as Director of Global Marketing at Telelogic and while serving as Fellow at Ryma Technologies. He worked as a consultant in Enterprise Work Management for Workfront. He is the father of six kids and has been in Boy Scouting for 20 years. He has been an active evangelist for Integrated PM since 2009.

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