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In Cathy's life's endeavors, she has been able to empower companies to expand their PM capabilities for: Innovation, R&D, NPD, Product Management, Operations, Finance, HR, and IT PMO.  Cathy also has knowledge and experience in: Consultative Sales, Solution Sales, Challenger Sales, Strategic Selling, Spin Selling, Conceptual Selling, SNAP Selling, and CustomerCentric Selling, Economics & Finance, Product Management, Integrated PM, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Program Management, IT Portfolio Management, Product Development, Ideation, Front-End Innovation, New Product Development, Stage-Gate®, Phase-Gate, Roadmapping, and Strategic Planning 


Open Market

Open Market

“If I create innovation assets, then I can sell them for real money, but I need a place to sell my assets.”

GrandView is an Open Market for buying, selling and trading innovation assets. We provide an Open Market with no barriers to free market activity. There are no licensing requirements, education requirements, or practices that interfere with people participating. Our Open Market does create some competition and you do have to join the pmNERDS community to participate, but membership is free. In an Open Market, there is a difference between barriers to entry and costs of entry.

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