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“If I become a member, then I can participate in the community and maybe even make some money, but I would have to collaborate with others at some point.”

Community membership is free. Your user name and email address are used as unique identifiers to provide security to you and other members. With that minimal information, you can join the community. When you begin the registration, you’ll be asked for your name and email address. We will then send you a validation email to confirm your registration. Once you reply, your credentials are established and you become a member- that easily. Our goal is to provide access to the community regardless of race, religion, academic achievement, nationality, sex … whatever. What choices you made in the past shouldn’t prevent your development in the future. We certainly want your contribution. Each one of us contribute to the whole. So, whomever you were doesn’t matter, who are you now?

Will you accept the challenge to learn, talk with others who are involved with projects currently, and when you feel ready, participate in the innovation process? It’s up to you.

I was once told by a micro-banker that their organization could get funding to anyone. He told me that there was a problem however, he indicated that the requests for funding were predominantly for the service industries. This is a problem because it’s hard to leverage service hours into something more than the hourly wage. In turn, this means the bank returns must be lower than desired. They would like to invest in more products, which could return higher returns faster.

The issue was these people know nothing of the productization process. They had no role models of product people, no product training, no mentors, no performance coaches. Well, here it is.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Either consume what is here, or add to it. Pitch-in where you stand, and make the World a better place for us all. Once you’re a member, reach out and engage with others. Either as someone who wants to know more, or as someone who has more to share, perhaps a little of both.

Whatever you do, thank you for looking this far. If you decide this isn’t something for you right now, maybe it will be later, or maybe you know a friend who could participate now?

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Welcome to The Center of Excellence

“If I participate in the Center of Excellence, then I will improve the performance of all my projects in life, but it requires me to spend time and learn new things.”

This is the place where Integrated PM is being developed. It’s the next generation of Projects; that is the 21st Century. Not to replace the last generation, but to stand on the shoulders of all the work of those who have gone before us. This is an open community, and we’d love to have your participation. Granted, you can sit back, watch and learn, and then benefit from increased project performance. But wait! Why do that when you can pitch in and contribute. Not only will you gain the benefits faster, but will develop lifelong friends in the process. Don’t be shy, jump in today.

They tell me that during the 20th century mankind had focused on many topics, dicing and slicing studies and sciences into many parts, one part not knowing the other. Certainly, this is true with projects. Fields like Systems Thinking, Operational Research, and Scientific Management have become specialized, each one using a different, even more specialized mathematics. That was the century of differentiation, where we took pieces apart, and studied them separately. We focused on mankind’s differences … Well, that was then.

This is the century of integration, the 21st century, is where we pull the pieces back together again. We leverage our understanding of the components, to capitalize on the whole. Integrated PM is the consequence of pulling projects back together. We take a holistic view of all the projects as a system, leverage what has been learned about systems, and then benefit from performance increases in our projects.

Our community? Well yes, invite everyone. Projects impact all our lives, children, young adults, adults and families, small businesses, and full enterprises. All these people use check lists, calendars, goals, simple projects with one resource, complex projects with large teams, inter-dependent projects, projects governed by a program, and even portfolios of projects; they benefit from increased performance. Each of our lives are impacted by projects to some degree. We all benefit from projects, and performance improvement.

We have tried to provide the underlying technology support needed to provide collaboration opportunities, asset sharing, and training to the World. As time goes on, new technology is developed, and we expect to leverage that technology to provide an even better community experience. Improvements are taking place almost daily, please understand the changes, which may cause temporary inconvenience.

Again, become a member and join in. If you find value, then recommend the community to your friends, neighbors, family members, peers, colleagues, even your managers.

Thank You,

Val Workman, President of pmNERDS.

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Software & Hardware

“If we use the practices of Integrated PM for performance improvement, then we increase our competitive advantage through both process efficiencies and perceived value, but we’ll need to develop more relevant reports, dashboards and software configurations.”

Above is a diagram that illustrates the relative importance of technology, both hardware and software to an Integrated PM implementation. Those activities that invoke Integrated PM conversations are way more important than the technology itself, which also gains its importance from supporting additional conversation.

pmNERDS partners with leading PM software vendors as resellers and certified implementation consultants. It’s likely that we have a business relationship with your vendor already. If not, we can design the capabilities you need based on the constraints your software application requires, and pass the design to you or their consultant for implementation.

Some enterprise implementations fall into the domain of BI, and may require BI equipment besides software and practices. We also partner with IBM, with their IOT solutions, both software and hardware.

The point is that for some of us, Integrated PM is just a paradigm shift, and change is relatively very simple without any other purchase. Of course, we would recommend this approach to start with regardless of any future efforts.

After this initial change, there may be some reconfiguration efforts of your existing software. This may drive further changes in software applications and even hardware. We can answer questions you might have, and help you identify issues, and create an implementation roadmap.

We know that at times Integrated PM might be more than culture and process change. When this is true, or even might be true, give us a call and we can chat about it. Of course, we would love for you to engage our consultants, but let’s understand the bigger picture first. Most of the time Integrated PM is addressed with process and culture change. Later, after there is some experience developed in your team, they will most likely know what their constraints are and how to address them.

Because of this fact, and the fact that implementing change in some of these other practices will deliver the quickest time to value, it makes sense to pick up some of these high-profile practices first. Later, technology improvements can have greater impacts.

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pmNERDS' Consulting

“If I engage consultants, then we’ll improve current project performance, but we need to develop an in-house capability for long term sustainability.”

The typical success criteria for a pmNERDS consultant is measured in terms of increased project performance, and growth of internal capabilities. We focus on targeted changes to business structures, and then project practices that are currently constraining project throughput and systems thinking.

When the Integrated PM structure is set right; changes are required. It’s one thing to know the material, and quite another to know how to teach, train, mentor, coach, and lead to support sustainable change. Our consultants are hired only after a demonstrated desire to impact lives on a personal level the using activities of Integrated PM.

TEACHING- Using the best practices of adult education today, we provide topical information to empower change adoption. We refer clients to additional reading. We host internal webinar sessions and lead discussions about new concepts being used. We provide access to e-Learning courses to act as both reference and extended learning even after the engagement concludes.

TRAINING- Using real time scenarios within your environment, we practice, practice, and practice. The intent is to make certain decisions and responses instinctive. The leadership style is mostly directive.

MENTORING- The mentor stands back, provides instruction, and lets the client practice working in an Integrated PM environment. The leadership style is that of an influencer, providing insight to the client as they work through daily tasks and decisions.

COACHING- The coach helps the client dream the impossible dream, construct that big hairy audacious goal, establish high performance goals for the year. Yes, the coach may lean on the Director leadership style. The big difference here is our personal, lifetime commitment to our clients. Once a pmNERD, always a pmNERD.

LEADERSHIP- We practice the leadership principles of Servant Leadership, and the practices of situational leadership to maximize change adoption. We will not be shy about empowering the individual and resolving Integrated PM constraints.

Our consultancy goal is to come into your organization as a consultant, and then extract ourselves from the newly formed Integrated PM group of “We” thinkers. If you're interest in talking about our services, please email us. or call us today. We certainly would love to discuss if it makes sense for us to do business.

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Welcome to pmNERDS’ Center of Excellence

“If I participate in the Community, then I will increase my knowledge of Integrated PM, improve my project’s performance, and have many opportunities to increase my income, but I might not fit into the culture.”

The Center of Excellence is an open Community of Practice, started is Austin TX, by a group of PM consultants in 2009.

Today, it is a group of self-governing people from around the world, organized and constrained within an on-line Community, e-Learning, InnovationSpark and GrandView structure supporting the expansion of Integrated PM.

We hold each other accountable for constantly improving the quality of our shared practice within Integrated PM. As community members, we hold to these four values listed below:

COMMUNICATION - We have an obligation to communicate. Here, we take time to talk with one another … and to listen. We believe that information is meant to flow, and that information moves people.

RESPECT - We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful treatment.

INTEGRITY - We work with customers, members, and prospects openly, honestly, and sincerely. When we say we will do something, we do it; when we say we cannot or will not do something, then we won’t do it.

EXCELLENCE - We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do. We will continue to raise the bar for everyone. The great fun here, will be for all of us to discover just how good we can really be.

As an open community, we believe the Center of Excellence, and all its Members, perform a public service that becomes more and more relevant each day, as all of us reach out and help those we encounter, and together become more capable PMs.

To become part of the Center- Join the Community today!

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