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Integrated Program Management

Integrated Program Management

“If we use Integrated PM to optimize program performance, then the organization’s competitive advantage will grow, but integrating the roles of the program manager and the systems engineer can be difficult.”

Programs are initiated to create something new or to cause a change, and technical programs generally involve a high degree of engineering. It is not uncommon for these programs to involve multiple contributors, have a high degree of ambiguity or uncertainty, and many interfaces within the program components and the environments in which they will function, in other words, these programs exhibit a high degree of complexity.

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Why Your Project Needs a Foreign Policy

Why Your Project Needs a Foreign Policy

Several forces are complicating the environment for cross business-unit projects. Increasing organizational flexibility, a decline in leadership intervention, and an increase in the use of enterprise tools are just a few.

Increasing Organizational Flexibility

There was a time in the not so far past that a business unit had a singular vision. For an example, when working with a video production unit, you knew exactly what the collaboration focus would be about; Video Production. But today, in an environment of information and project specialists, who exist in a matrix organizational structure, it’s not necessarily true.

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Centralized vs Decentralized Product Management

What every executive should know about organizational structures in product management.

In my years of speaking with organizations, one question continues to come up – how do we better align our product teams with the business and development organizations to drive growth. It’s a tough challenge, and one that executives try to address by deciding on if the product management team reports to an enterprise management team, or an individual GM/BU leader. On one hand you can drive a corporate wide strategy and optimize development investments across your entire portfolio. On the other hand, you can get deep vertical expertise to drive change that really moves the needle for a specific business. I always compare it to an age old saying – you just don’t know what you don’t know.

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