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“If the Center of Excellence continues in developing Integrated PM then different and innovative performance improvement methods will increase, but members won’t know of their existence or how to apply them.”

New methods within the discipline of Integrated PM are being developed at a rate of over 15 per month or 180 per year. It takes even the smallest teams over 21 days to adopt a new method or less than 18 per year. In 6 months, your team will be behind by 81 new methods. You just simply can’t do them all. This fact implies that if we want to stay competitive, we must review and select out of all the new methods that we could do, what methods should we do.

The Center of Excellence needed a communication channel that makes this information accessible. Today it supports topics for children, young adults, adults and families, small businesses, and enterprises. It provides insight into the application experiences as they deploy Integrated PM principles in their environments.

The magazine editors have identified lots of cool features that will continue to enhance the reading experience, increase collaboration, and increase the value of mobile access, while at the same time improving the quality, relevance, and breadth of information gathered.

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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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