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Feature Definition Performance-Service™

“If we engage pmNERDS’ Consulting for Feature Definition then we’ll increase the organization’s competitive advantage, realize higher value from projects, and complete projects more efficiently, but it will require change leadership.”

Our Performance-Service™ consulting practice begins with gathering information about your organization and engagement goals. We conduct a quick gap analysis to construct an engagement roadmap. Once approved, we will build this roadmap out into a complete project plan and review it with our clients going over roles and responsibilities.

We schedule weekly meetings to review the project and discuss relevant decisions. Depending on the length of engagement, steering committee meetings are also scheduled. Daily scrums are scheduled to address issues and schedule any needed ad hoc meetings. Performance Improvement Consulting involves a great deal of planning and communicating. Underlying each practice is an element of process improvement and use of a standard performance measure framework.

No, it’s not Christmas yet, but your customers might think so when you start getting feature definition right. Feature definition is about getting just enough of the bells and whistles to satisfy your customers, while still retaining value for your stakeholders.

The product feature is stated in an outward facing voice. The feature is one of the primary information assets in the innovation management architecture. It’s used to state a specific goal of the product capability, which can be used to create marketing messages but are not the marketing message.

By leveraging our experience, you can reach expected benefits quicker and with less false starts while being assured that you won’t paint yourself into a ‘process’ corner, and isolate information asset flow to downstream processes.

Our performance improvement consulting practice requires a discussion to determine goals, the scope of effort, consultant alignment, and the development of a business proposal. We deliver an analysis of current feature definition process performance and constraints, a roadmap to performance improvement, process design, process exercise, process enablement, deployment, and measurement.

It’s critical that the information assets developed within these feature definition practices can flow between other innovation processes. These practices can be divided into the two categories of Feature Conception and Feature Validation. Wherever your key constraints are, our team will help you identify the process constraints, and find practices that will improve overall performance by breaking constraints.

A large part of this effort is process training, skills mentoring, and performance coaching. Depending on the engagement, technology configuration or deployment may or may not be part of this effort. You can discover more about this service offering by clicking the icon (email or phone) in the top right corner of our website.

We’d love to explain our services and answer any questions you might have.

Roadmap Definition Performance-Service™
Opportunity Definition Performance-Service™


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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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