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“If I become a member, then I can participate in the community and maybe even make some money, but I would have to collaborate with others at some point.”

Community membership is free. Your user name and email address are used as unique identifiers to provide security to you and other members. With that minimal information, you can join the community. When you begin the registration, you’ll be asked for your name and email address. We will then send you a validation email to confirm your registration. Once you reply, your credentials are established and you become a member- that easily. Our goal is to provide access to the community regardless of race, religion, academic achievement, nationality, sex … whatever. What choices you made in the past shouldn’t prevent your development in the future. We certainly want your contribution. Each one of us contribute to the whole. So, whomever you were doesn’t matter, who are you now?

Will you accept the challenge to learn, talk with others who are involved with projects currently, and when you feel ready, participate in the innovation process? It’s up to you.

I was once told by a micro-banker that their organization could get funding to anyone. He told me that there was a problem however, he indicated that the requests for funding were predominantly for the service industries. This is a problem because it’s hard to leverage service hours into something more than the hourly wage. In turn, this means the bank returns must be lower than desired. They would like to invest in more products, which could return higher returns faster.

The issue was these people know nothing of the productization process. They had no role models of product people, no product training, no mentors, no performance coaches. Well, here it is.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Either consume what is here, or add to it. Pitch-in where you stand, and make the World a better place for us all. Once you’re a member, reach out and engage with others. Either as someone who wants to know more, or as someone who has more to share, perhaps a little of both.

Whatever you do, thank you for looking this far. If you decide this isn’t something for you right now, maybe it will be later, or maybe you know a friend who could participate now?

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Sunday, 18 November 2018
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