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Open Access Journals

“If I publish my research papers in the R&D Journal of Integrated PM, then other members of the community can base future research on my finding, but people outside our community won’t see it, and the benefit of publishing my studies is directly proportional to the number of other researchers reading it.”

You bet, there have been many different models for publishing journals containing research and development material. With electronic publication, we are no longer limited to a single publishing model, and it appears that for the foreseeable future a variety of different publishing models will operate in parallel. While still accounting for only a fraction of the overall scholarly publishing system, there are currently in excess of 2,700 Open Access Journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals. OA Journals operated by groups of colleagues, will never be the dominate form of scholarly publishing; but at the same time their numbers continue to grow, as does the quality of material they contain and their acceptance among scholars.

One of our reasons for going this direction is to provide information access to those who otherwise would not have the resources to acquire such resources. One of the most striking differences between paper and electronic publication is the cost of distribution. For paper journals, the cost of distributing each copy is significant and the only practical means of funding these journals is through subscription fees. With electronic distribution, the cost of dissemination disappears, making it possible to distribute journals freely to anyone who wants to access them and find other means of funding the operation of the journal. Calls for distributing at no cost and finding other means of funding began almost as soon as journals appeared in electronic formats.

The R&D Journal of Integrated PM is built on an open access journal framework which provides access to the OAJ community and is part of a global network of indexed journals, and can be accessed at most universities worldwide. There are five main purposes for pmNERDS to sponsor this R&D Journal on Integrated PM.

1) Most would agree that OAJ provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date and authoritative archive of information in a given scholarly field. Obviously, the accuracy and quality of the material contained in this archive is of central importance. Peer review services are one of the most important mechanisms for validating the information contained in these journals.

2) Communication among professionals working in the same field is another important objective. Within the Center of Excellence, Communication is King. The R&D Journal provides the foundation for that initial discussion which leads the practices of both innovation and learning.

3) The Journal also plays an important role in maintaining community standards on how research and practice development are conducted.

4) Recognition and reward might seem unimportant to some, put the submission of papers would justifiably stop if there wasn’t a benefit for doing so. The distribution and acknowledgement of achievement is an important role of the R&D Journal

5) Not all the information in the Journal strictly focuses on scholarly research. The Journal also acts a means of tying our Center Of Excellence together. The Open Access Journal provides many benefits to the community and the research contributor. We are constantly adding new capabilities to the journal in terms of submission process automation, reviewing, publishing, and distributing content. Feel free to reach out and volunteer to review submitted articles, and proofread submissions.

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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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