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Open Market

“If I create innovation assets, then I can sell them for real money, but I need a place to sell my assets.”

GrandView is an Open Market for buying, selling and trading innovation assets. We provide an Open Market with no barriers to free market activity. There are no licensing requirements, education requirements, or practices that interfere with people participating. Our Open Market does create some competition and you do have to join the pmNERDS community to participate, but membership is free. In an Open Market, there is a difference between barriers to entry and costs of entry.

Barriers to entry are imposed upon a market process. Because they are a political phenomenon, they’re unrelated to the cost (in terms of resources used) of a particular product. Unlike costs of entry, barriers can prevent value-added enterprises from satisfying unmet needs. They’re an unnecessary obstacle. i.e. PMI certification, college degrees, licenses or other certifications. In GrandView, we aim to remove or at least reduce the impact of traditional barriers to entry.

Costs of entry are also an important part of the market process. They represent the scarcity of both time, supply of innovation assets, and trained resources. Our community addresses some of this. Collaboration on the development of assets can further reduce these entry barriers. Our aim, is to reduce these barriers until the only barrier is your time investment. It’s true, if you decide to, you can accelerate time to value by investing in training to move your enterprise ahead faster.

Because GrandView is an Open Market, there are no barriers to entry, in political terms and financial terms. The only, not so political requirement, is community membership. This is necessary for security and member identification. It is through your membership that we identify who develops what, and who to pay.

You might be asking yourself, is GrandView going to be a competitive market, of course. There is a presence of competition and self-interest among individuals, but we also recognize there is a blurry line between competition and cooperation. The concept of cooperation is embedded in the meaning of the word “compete.” A valid meaning of competition would be "to aim at together," "to try to reach together," and "to strive after together." While teams and virtual companies are cooperating with each other to take a new product or service to market, individuals compete by developing competitive innovation assets. There is a competitive advantage to the person who creates assets more efficiently with higher levels of perceived value. More of their assets will be purchased and used in tangible products that are sold. Each individual develops a brand or reputation. Their assets may carry higher perceived value, and are sold at higher prices.

In GrandView, we want people to be competitive, since competition creates the best products to meet the needs of the customer, but also be cooperative. The type of cooperation implicit within competition does not require that competitors be warm and friendly toward each other, but it does allow them to work together to create a better product. Cooperation gives us a situation in which the participants seek out win-win outcomes from working together. We want to think of GrandView’s Open Market as a blend of competition and cooperation.

Join the Community today and start learning how to build assets, contribute to the market, create virtual companies, sell to a global market, and generate personal revenue!


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Alden Ibbetson on Wednesday, 04 October 2017 11:56

I've actually been on those mountains! Love the picture! Who can I speak with to learn more information about grandview? When I go to the link on top of page i don't quite follow what is going on.

I've actually been on those mountains! Love the picture! Who can I speak with to learn more information about grandview? When I go to the link on top of page i don't quite follow what is going on.
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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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